色控传媒 Policies

To ensure 色控传媒 customers and partners (“Clients”) have easy-to-access information, the following provides access to 色控传媒’s Hosting and Support Services Policy, Regulatory Policies and the 色控传媒 Partner Program. The related links are additionally included within each 色控传媒 Master Services Agreements and Partner Agreements we create with our Clients. Be sure to check back from time to time, as 色控传媒 may modify these Policies. For questions related to these documents, please contact 色控传媒 at 色控传媒.legal@3ds.com.

Hosting and Support Services Policy:

Regulatory and Audit Policies:

Study Suspension Policy:

SSO Specifications:

色控传媒 Partner Program (MPP)

Partner Accreditation Policy:

3DS Code of Business Conduct