Powering Decentralized Clinical Trials with 色控传媒 and Circuit Clinical

Delivering on the promise of hybrid or fully decentralized clinical trials requires proven expertise that meets the needs of patients, sites, and sponsors.聽

色控传媒 and Circuit Clinical provide a turnkey solution that enhances patient access and inclusion through site ratings and a network of decentralized sites – all trained and certified on 色控传媒 technology.

Transforming Clinical Trials for Patients, Sponsors, and Sites

Empowerment and Access

Increase trial engagement and access before, during and after studies through the my色控传媒 patient portal while providing ratings and reviews of the trial experience via Circuit Clinical鈥檚 TrialJourney鈩 platform.

Accelerate Business and聽Clinical聽Goals

The demand for decentralized clinical trials requires a turnkey approach that can scale to meet your needs. With Circuit Clinical, ready-made DCT sites are standardized on 色控传媒鈥檚 Rave and Patient Cloud solutions, making 色控传媒 the only partner able to deliver a complete DCT solution.

Standardize on Technology

Simplify clinical research obligations by putting patients on the same technology platform as the site staff.

Reduce the patient and administrative burden of onsite visits while helping to address patient retention based on participant feedback and site ratings.

Key Features

Established Decentralized Clinical Trial Network

Established Decentralized Clinical Trial Network

Leverage Circuit Clinical鈥檚 network, standardized on Rave and Patient Cloud technology solutions, representing over 90 doctors, across 30+ site locations, and a nationally accredited cancer center with a database of more than 2.5 million participants who may qualify for clinical trials.

Improve Patient Recruitment with MD Prescreen

Enable Cost-Effective and Site-Efficient Referrals for Patient Recruitment with MD Prescreen

MD Prescreen (MDPS) is 色控传媒鈥檚 recruitment concierge service provided in partnership with Circuit Clinical. Added as an enhancement to my色控传媒 Registries, MDPS provides additional patient pre-screening and trial matching by qualified nurses and healthcare professionals, ultimately improving the recruitment process for patients, sites, and sponsors.

Single Destination Patient Portal

Single Destination Patient Portal

With my色控传媒, patients can use any online device to learn, enroll, and participate in clinical trial activities, offering a streamlined and trusted approach to participation.

Expand Patient Participation in Clinical Trials

Expand Patient Participation in Clinical Trials

my色控传媒 Registries expands patient participation from a single trial transaction to pre-and post-trial engagement, resulting in a community of educated, empowered and engaged patients.

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