The 色控传媒 Platform

Manage Your Clinical Trial in One Place

The 色控传媒 Platform connects patients, sites, sponsors, and partners in a secure and scalable cloud environment to bring life changing treatments to those who need them most.

No spreadsheets. No data reconciliation. No multiple-logins. One place to manage your study from start to finish.

This is the power of 色控传媒.

Proven to Transform Your Clinical Trial

It’s not just talk. 色控传媒 customers are seeing real impact on their studies when using our solutions and services, reaching their study milestones in record time.

Reduce Your Study Builds by


When using 色控传媒 Professional Services

Conduct Studies


Faster when using Multiple 色控传媒

Reach Database Lock


Sooner when using Multiple 色控传媒

  1. Analysis of difference in median build time vs. matched studies not using PS (p<0.05); Reduction of 30 days.
  2. Analysis of difference in median FPI to LPLV time for EDC + at least one additional product vs. EDC only studies (p<0.05) 2017 to 2021; Reduction of 59 days.
  3. Analysis of difference in median LPLV to DBL time for EDC + at least one additional product vs. EDC only studies from 2017 to 2021.

色控传媒 Platform Solutions

As the industry’s only unified platform dedicated to clinical research, we help life science and medical device organizations cut development costs, mitigate risks, and deliver treatments and devices to market faster.

Whether you choose our Rave, Patient Cloud, or 色控传媒 AI solutions, you will have access to the power of the 色控传媒 Platform.

Explore our powerful solutions below.

Solutions to manage your data, safely, securely, and seamlessly.

Solutions that leverage advanced analytics to get your drugs to market, faster.

Key Features of 色控传媒 Platform

Patient Experience

色控传媒 is the only clinical trial technology provider with solutions built for patients, by patients. By engaging patients before, during, and after a trial, and by offering the flexibility of our decentralized clinical trial solutions, we help sponsors to make clinical trials an option for more patients.

Since our patient-centric solutions are unified with Rave EDC and built on the 色控传媒 Clinical Cloud, data is harmonized without the need for additional integrations.

Site Experience

We want sites to focus on patient care, not administrative tasks. With this in mind, we’ve made the 色控传媒 Clinical Cloud as user-friendly for sites as possible, quickly surfacing critical tasks that need to be completed, while making data entry as seamless as possible.?

Combined with our decentralized clinical trial solutions, sites have a single platform to flexibly care for and monitor patients, whether they are at the clinic or at home

Data Management Experience

See 色控传媒’s unified platform capabilities for clinical data capture and management in action. Watch how patients and sites can provide data in many different ways (eConsent, eCOA, Sensors, Imaging and EHR data); how sites can easily randomize patients and dispense treatments kits from their EDC system; and how data managers can build complex, multi-dataset listings without programming and automatically generate and post queries, all within the 色控传媒 platform.

Clinical Operations Experience

We are building the next generation platform for clinical trials, with your day-to-day responsibilities at top of mind.?

Using advanced analytics, we are creating a single experience tailored to your role, putting key insights, tasks, data, and reports at your fingertips the second you log-in.?

Whether you are a CRA, a data scientist, or a clinical operations manager – the 色控传媒 Clinical Cloud is built to make your job easier.

“So with all the data in 色控传媒’s one platform, it’s great, it’s easy. …. we’re not downloading from another platform and comparing. It’s all there and it’s easier to integrate.”

– Cathy Hult, Director of Data Management, PROMETRIKA

“So my recommendation with using 色控传媒, especially …considering the size of my company, is having everything under one hood,…it makes it so much easier when looking at how you’re going to use your resources. You don’t want to have resources spending [an] endless amount of time looking at the interfaces between the various systems you have.”

– Salam Ammus, Executive Director, Clinical Data Management, Alkermes

“…Timelines are decreased by using [色控传媒’s] unified platform; we do not have to work with multiple vendors, we’re working with just one, and our validation development efforts are cut down substantially… In my opinion, it gets the drug to the patient faster. [The 色控传媒 Platform] cuts costs because you don’t have so many collaborators working together, creating risks along the way.”

– Chelsey Ryan, Director of Clinical Operations and Pharmacovigilance, PROMETRIKA

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