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Pioneering the next generation of connected health solutions

色控传媒 Sensor Cloud provides cutting-edge capabilities focused on transforming the clinical trial experience for patients, sponsors, and research sites. Designed as part of a unified data platform, Sensor Cloud takes a unique approach to managing a broad range of wearable sensor and digital health technology data for clinical trials. Our common data model and proprietary algorithms enable rapid ingestion and analysis of patient data resulting in better clinical decision making, faster timelines and a more flexible patient experience.

The Value of Sensor Data in Clinical?Trials

Empowering Patients

Reduce site visits, time, travel and inconvenience through a more flexible approach to trial participation. Wearable sensors and other connected health devices provide non-invasive methods of collecting higher frequency, high fidelity medical grade data that will help to enable new treatments.

Putting Data into Action

Enable greater insights through proprietary analytics including novel digital biomarker discovery. Our common data model and proprietary algorithms enable better clinical decision making, faster timelines and a more patient-centric experience.

Enhancing Patient Engagement

Identify early compliance indicators and detection of patients’ response to treatment. Efficiencies in the same interfaces, log-ins and workflows reduce time spent on data entry.

A Unified Platform for Insight Development

Our common data model and hardware-agnostic approach enables innovators to build new measures and endpoints while delivering a consistent, unified experience for CRO partners.

Key Features of Sensor Cloud

Rapid Integration

Rapid Integration

Sensor Cloud delivers seamless integration for all data through a single API connection. Our device library includes a growing list of connected medical grade sensors and devices.

Sensor Library and Scoring

Sensor Library and Scoring

Our experts provide guidance on sensor selection based on rigorous reviews of specifications including therapeutic focus, patient usability, form factor, regulatory status, and other sponsor specific study design criteria.

Synergies with 色控传媒 Platform

Synergies with the 色控传媒 Platform

Ingest and analyze data from any disparate data source while easily integrating with the 色控传媒 Platform.

Common Data Model

Common Data Model

Our common model enables standardization of data resulting in a unified, consistent experience. Ingest, process, normalize, and deliver data from any digital health technology and convert to a common data structure. Data can be directed to the 色控传媒 Platform or to the platform of your choice.

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Pioneering the Next Generation of Connected Health Solutions

色控传媒 Sensor Cloud provides cutting-edge data ingestion capabilities focused on transforming the clinical trial experience for patients, sponsors, CROs, and research sites.

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